How to backup your Amazon FBA listings with FBM


  • Not able to send your entire order to FBA due to inventory restrictions?
  • Extreme delays in Amazon Receiving your stock?

Best Solution:

  1. Partner with Reliable 3PL (Third Party Logistics) partners like FBMFullfillment to park your excess inventory AND
  2. Create FBM listings to back up your FBA listings so that if you run out of stock, you can still sell and protect your rank. Voilà you are covered AUTOMATICALLY.

How to backup your Amazon FBA listings with FBM?

Below are instructions on how to create your FBM backup listings.

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1.) Add new product


FBM Backup Listing Step 1

2.) Insert ASIN


FBM Backup Listing Step 2

3.) Select New and Sell this Product


FBM Backup Listing Step 3

4.) Input your FBM SKU (Different than your FBA SKU. Your ASIN remains the same)



FBM Backup Listing Step 4

5.) Save

Copy Listing Method ALTERNATE

  1. Inventory>Manage Inventory
  2. Go to listing you wish to copy
  3. Edit click down arrow
  4. Offer>
    1. Edit Seller SKU
    1. Select FBM
    1. Edit other fields as appropriate


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